How To Make A Date Extra Romantic

How To Make A Date Extra Romantic

Romance is all about spontaneity. If you’ve been dating for a while, then it is time you shook up the routine dinner, movie and late night sex. You need to keep re-inventing each other by adding extra zing to your relationship. Also, your date should realize that there is more to you than what she constantly sees in you. A few surprises now and then add spice and makes life interesting, not to mention  making your relationship stronger by the day. Let’s take a look at a few simple actions that can make your date extra romantic.

Book A Bed And Breakfast

Instead of booking a table at one of your favorite restaurants, book a bed and breakfast near the sea. This will be a welcome change from routine – guaranteed to make your date feel special. After all you’re spending more time with her than just a dinner. Let the inn be slightly out of the city limits or off the highway. This will give both of you privacy as well as a change in scenery. Driving the extra distance will give you enough time to unwind, chat and may also lead to something more. There is a big possibility you’ll both feel more relaxed and enthusiastic and add a touch more zing to your relationship.

Woo Her In Style

Women like to be wooed in style! That doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money… simple and thoughtful gestures will do. A romantic poem written by you (if you’re not poetic turn to the Internet for ideas) will make her feel special and she will surely give you more than you ask for that night. If your budget permits – by all means buy her a gift. I know about men who’ve even booked a night in a boat by the river. Sailing is fun, with the sound of water splashing by the side of the boat and both of you in bikini gear showing more flesh, and can be the key to enjoying deeper, more meaningful sexual awakening.

Arrange Candle Light Dinner At Home

Being on a tight budget doesn’t stop you from dating. If that is the case then half of America would be celibate! Try to have a romantic candle light dinner at home. Take out your best china and wine glasses. Arrange your patio with lights and aromatic candles. Place potted plants around the table and keep the place cool in the evening. With light music playing in your stereo – the stage is set for seduction.

How To Make A Date Extra Romantic

Make Her Feel Special

This is the most important aspect of any date you want to be extra special. Make your date feel special in simple ways, such as taking time out to buy her favorite flowers or favorite flavor of ice cream.  If you have common likes in movies, then watch one of them – making note that you know she had mentioned it. Remember to give her a love card or a simple gift that is something she has expressed enjoying. These simple pleasures will make her feel special and in turn, she’s sure to make your date night extra special.